Patient Satisfaction Survey

The satisfaction of our patients is a driving factor at Greenwood Health. Every two years an independent survey is held which asks you questions, analyses your responses and measures these against previous findings. We take the results of these surveys seriously - being encouraged when we get things right for you, and making improvements in any areas you identify. We are proud that over the last three surveys (held in 2011, 2013 and 2015) your satisfaction with us has increased and that, overall, Greenwood Health continues to offer more satisfaction than the average of other practices in the Nelson Bays Region.

The most recent survey was completed by 641 patients during November 2015, and shows:

  • the overall satisfaction with the practice was 86% (with 93% either "satisfied" or "completely satisfied"). The scores for GP/Nurse/Reception teams were 87%/81%/84%, respectively
  • a large number of patients commented on things that were particularly good about their healthcare, finding that we run a caring, helpful service that has the health and wellbeing of the patient at heart. Details of these comments can be found here.
  • from thirty-three individual questions four areas were identified as needing improvement (having a satisfaction rating of less than 70%): waiting times, phoning the GP, affordability and after-hours care. These are discussed in more detailĀ here and we continue to work on their improvement.

Please remember to contact us if you ever feel our service is not what you would wish. We appreciate the input from those who took part in the survey. Your support and feedback is welcomed and informative.

Daniel Bulman, Practice Manager

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