For Trainees

This page is written for doctors and students thinking about coming to Greenwood Health either as GP registrars, PEGPs, or 5th year medical students.

We have been teaching GP registrars when we were in separate surgeries around town and often 'shared' trainees between our individual surgeries. The doctors who are trainers now have all been involved with teaching from the beginning.

The trainers are Dr Michael Brewer, Dr Martin Hudson, Dr Heidi Mayer and Dr Deborah Morris.  Other doctors in the practice help with supervising trainees and students.

Dr Mayer is also the coordinator and tutor for the 5th year medical students who usually work with Dr Glenn Anderson and Dr Colette Pienaar, or Dr Catherine Vercammen and Dr James Chisnall, during their attachments.

We are one of two practices in Motueka. We have about 8500 patients on our books and after hours serve about 14,000. We are in a semi-rural area with the nearest base hospital being about 45minutes away on a good day. We provide, with the other practices in the area, 24 hours 7 day a week cover. We are PRIME trained and carry ambulance pagers when we are on call. We are often involved in managing minor trauma.

There is a community hospital in Motueka with 2 GP beds and a palliative care bed to which we have admitting rights. Admitted patients are cared for by their GP.

One of our aims is to become a rural training centre of excellence. We remain enthusiastic about teaching and very much value being able to contibute to the training of doctors. We work hard to ensure that there is always a doctor available for advice whenever a trainee is consulting. We closely watch the trainee's workload to try and provide them with  a variety of cases while not overworking them. There is weekly protected time in which specific teaching occurs with the trainer.

Below is a list of some of the doctors who have trained with us (in no particular order) who I am sure wouldn't mind being contacted regarding their time with us:

Dr Thomas Davies, Dr Kirsty Stewart, Dr Sophie Lee Mace, Dr Naomi Whitehead, Dr Gillian Kearon, Dr Caroline Urlich, Dr Nadine Stringer, Dr Jonathan Kennedy, Dr Hiliary Burbidge, Dr Sophie Hart, Dr Richard Martin, Dr Geoff McAlpine, Dr Kynan Basley, Dr Rachel Davidson, Dr Joe Knight, Dr James Hulleman, Dr Marie Lea.

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