The Training of Doctors

We are an accredited training practice and usually have fully qualified doctors who are training in general practice under the supervision of our doctors. Several times a year we have medical students from the University of Otago who have not yet qualified as doctors and are spending time in the practice as part of their training.

These doctors and students are enthusiastic and bring a wide range of knowledge and experience to the practice. They help your regular doctors stay in touch with hospital ideas and often provide a different view on problems.

You may be offered an appointment with a training doctor or a medical student. They are always being supervised so one of the regular doctors at Greenwood Health is always available for additional consultation. Often the supervising doctor will come in for part if not all of the consultation.

Sometimes as part of their training you may be asked if you mind having the consultation videoed for teaching purposes. Occasionsally the supervising doctor will ask to sit in with you during the consultation.

These are both valuable teaching exercises and we are very grateful to patients who agree.

You can always ask to see your regular doctor if you would prefer.

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