Te Pūrongorongo - The News

Welcome to our news page.

If you are visiting Motueka during the summer, we hope you stay safe and well while exploring nga maunga (the mountains), nga awa (the rivers), ma ngahere (the forest) and te moana (the sea).

Remember - if you are travelling overseas, Drs Michael Brewer and Suzanne Viveen are our specialists for current international vaccines, and travel appointments can be booked with them wether you are registered with Greenwood Health or not. If you are travelling to Motueka or the Tasman region, nau mai, welcome. Take care when exploring and enjoying our extraordinary outdoors - the sun dosen't always shine depsite the region's reputation, so always be prepared with warm dry clothing, some extra food and enough water when planning your outdoor trip.

For general news about health in New Zealand, here is a link to the Ministry of Health website. This site offers comprhensive information about healthcare within the country, as well as updates on any health issues of national concern.

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