If you require a new prescription then often you will need a doctor's appointment to review your condition and to make sure that the medication you are taking is right for you.

If you don't need an appointment then you are welcome to ring us and tell us what you want. We will want to know exactly what you are taking. We need to know the name of the medicine, the strength of the medicine and how often you are taking it. This is to make sure that you get the correct prescription. Mistakes are easy to make and we want to make certain this doesn't happen.

Sometimes the doctor will decide that you need an appointment even though you thought you didn't. Please remember the doctor is responsible for making certain that your treatment is right for you and not harming you. In order to be able to do this they often need to see you.

Prescriptions are generally not ready on the day you call for them. If you ring in before midday every effort is made to have them ready for you by 3pm of the following working day. Please do not wait until the last minute to organise a prescription.

There is a prescription charge to be paid when you pick up the prescription.

There is an additional fee if you require the script for the same day.


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