Advance Care Planning

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People often wait until they are seriously ill before thinking or talking about end of life. At Greenwood Health we feel it is very important to have these discussions with your whānau/family while you are well.

Our Practice Nurse Sarah Moore offers an Advance Care Planning (ACP) service, which is available to patients at any point in their lives.

Often it is at one of life’s crossroads (making a will for the first time, children leaving home or a life-altering medical diagnosis, for example) that we pause and evaluate how we have lived our lives and what aspirations we have for the future.

ACP is about sharing that understanding with family, and recording and formalising thoughts and wishes about future health care. As an experienced Practice Nurse, Sarah is well placed to provide an in-depth understanding of your current and future health treatment and care options.

Sarah says “ACP is about living life as you want to live it; and being in control of the type of care and place of care at the end of life, or when you are unable to express those wishes yourself.”

Please ring and ask to speak to Sarah about this service.

Most initial consultations will be for 30 minutes at a cost of $30

If you wish to find out more information about Advance Care Planning click on the link below:

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