Contraceptive Services

A wide range of contraceptive services are offered at Greenwood Health

Condoms are available on prescription at a greatly reduced cost compared with buying them over the counter. We also have a limited supply that we can give out for free.

You can make a nurse appointment for repeat contraception pill prescriptions and for the depo injection.

Our nurses can also discuss and then administer the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (the 'morning after' pill).

Several of our doctors are trained in the insertion of IUCDs (intra uterine devices or 'the coil'), Mirena ( a special kind of IUCD), diaphragms as well as the contraceptive implant (Jadelle). All doctors are experienced in discussing and prescribing the oral contraceptive pills and the depo injection.

Referrals can also be made for male and female sterilisation.

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