Healthy Heart Checkups

Our nurses are trained in performing well person's heart checks. Both men and women who meet certain criteria are able to have these done for free.

You will be asked to have a blood test before the checkup to measure your sugar and cholesterol levels.

Dietary and lifestyle advice is available.

Free Healthy Heart Checks are available for:

  • All Men between 45 years and 65 years of age.
  • All Women between 55 years and 65 years of age.

These age limits are reduced to Men older than 35 years and Women older than 45 years if you are:

  • Maori/Pacific/Indian, or
  • Have a family history of blood vessel disease (eg parents or siblings with diabetes/heart disease/or stroke), or
  • Have personal risk factors (eg hypertension, high cholesterol, current/recent smoker, history of diabetes in pregnancy,
  • A person with polycystic ovary syndrome, impaired sugar blood tests, or overweight (BMI>=30) )

Please ring and ask to discuss your heart check with a nurse. You will need to have a blood test done before you come for your appointment.

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