Our Medical Services

Our GPs work in pairs. You will be signed up with a GP but they may not always be available. It is important to try and book ahead to see your own GP. 

We will always see you (during working hours) in an emergency if you are enrolled with us and we will try to make that appointment with your own GP team. If they are not working that day, you may need to be treated by a nurse or another GP. If this happens, rest assured that you will receive the best health-care we can offer, and your regular GP will receive the notes and plans made by their colleagues to enable the best follow-up for you.

Greenwood Health provides a wide range of services common to most New Zealand general practices. We see people with both new and long standing conditions and we also offer preventative health care and screening. We also have specialist GPs working in Travel Medicine & Allergies.

In addition our rooms are used for regular clinics by a dermatologist, a dietician and a counsellor. The building also houses Pienaar Dentistry.  . On an adjacent site there is Greenwood St Pharmacy and only across the road is The Physio Clinic and Physio 4 Health

Below is a more detailed list of the services. Click on the ones in blue for further information.

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