Sexual Health Checks

Sexual Health Check. Greenwood HealthGreenwood health can offer FREE sexual health checks for all patients under 23 years of age and for all those over 23 who qualify for a community services card.

You don't need to be unwell to have a check. We encourage all people who have been sexually active to consider having a check up at sometime.

Checks are fully confidential. No one else needs to know including parents or your usual doctor.

You do not need to see your usual family doctor.

You do not need to be a patient of Greenwood Health.

A number of our nurses do sexual health checks on well women. Please ask about this when you make an appointment. You can choose if you want to see a female or male nurse or doctor.

Checkups can feel embarrassing and awkward but our staff are experienced in helping you through the process. You will be asked a number of personal questions but they are all asked so that we can make sure we do the right tests at the right time. Looking at your genitals is also important as it allows us to do a full check up.

Some tests - such as urine tests or self administered swabs - you can do yourself in the privacy of the toilet. This is an option for people who, for whatever reason, do not want their genitals looked at by the nurse or doctor. Unfortunately this option only gives a partial check up.

 Men - do not worry - no umbrellas! Generally a swab is touched onto the end of your penis and a urine sample is obtained. For the urine sample please make sure you haven't passed urine for at least 2 hours.

Women - you can be tested even if you are having your period. Usually a speculum needs to be put into your vagina so that your cervix can be seen. If your cervical smear (cancer smear) is due then this usually can be done at the same time.

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