Skin Surgery Costs

Unfortunately the government does not pay for General Practice skin surgery, so we have to pass the whole cost on to you. If cost is going to be an issue then please discuss it with us prior to the surgery. Sometimes WINZ will help with the cost of surgery, but usually only for serious conditions that need urgent attention. Free care can be accessed via the Nelson Hospital surgical service for serious lesions, but there is a waiting list and travel is involved.

Most surgery can be performed in 15 minutes, but sometimes we will require 30 minutes. We will warn you if this is the case.

Below is a guideline to the costs of surgery. Please note that this is only a guideline and for exact costs please ask your doctor at the time surgery is discussed.


Standard 15 minute operation requiring suturing $ 73
Standard 15 minute operation, suturing and removal of stitches $ 85
Standard 30 minute operation, suturing and removal of stitches $ 160


Itemised Costs for this Surgery:

GP Charge for 15min                                               $ 33
Nurse Assistance for 15min $ 15
Sutures per packet $ 10
Local anaesthetic per vial $ 5
Sterilization of equipment $ 5
Removal of sutures $ 15
Change of dressing $ 15

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