what do we offer, how does it work?

What do we offer?

As travel medicine is not only a matter of "getting your jabs", we offer an up-to-date comprehensive travel advice and vaccination service.

  • all necessary travel vaccinations, including yellow fever
  • advice on the prevention of insect bites and insect-related diseases such as malaria and dengue
  • malaria prophylaxis and discussion of current high risk areas
  • do's and don'ts regarding food and water safety
  • advice on how to help prevent travel diarrhoea and medication to treat this if necessary
  • measures to prevent mountain sickness/altitude sickness, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical
  • discussion of rabies risk, measures to prevent dog and monkey bites, and rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • after-travel health check, and management of any health problems arising from your travel

How does it work?

  • You will start with an appointment with one of our travel doctors. For countries in Asia and the Pacific, 15' will usually be sufficient.
  • For South America and Africa, where there is possibly a need for yellow fever vaccination, 30' is usually needed.
  • Once your vaccination schedule has been agreed on, you can book an appointment with the nurse who will give you your vaccinations. This will require 15-30', depending on the number and type of vaccinations.
  • We hold most common vaccinations in stock, but be aware that some will need to be specially ordered for you and paid for in advance.


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